SDR PHY status update

Max msuraev at
Tue Jul 11 13:32:39 UTC 2017

Really cool hack - nice to see it's progressing :)

Some extra comments below.

On 08.07.2017 20:45, Vadim Yanitskiy wrote:
> If someone would like to test, one will need:
>   - GNURadio framework
>   - gr-osmosdr
>   - Custom GR-GSM with 'TRX Interface' block (link above)
>   - fixeria/sdr_phy branch of OsmocomBB (link above)
>   - SDR device supported by gr-osmosdr

Is there some wiki page or readme somewhere which can be used as more detailed
reference? I'm sure people trying to replicate your setup would appreciate it.

> Regarding to the latest requirement, UmTRX board requires external
> power source / active cooling, and takes some space on my table, so
> I use RTL-SDR. Sounds crazy, but OsmocomBB works on RTL-SDR ;)
> One could be used until TX capabilities are implemented.
Also, what are you plans regarding upstreaming osmocom-bb changes?

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