[PATCH] mtk: fix firmware makefile to work with current osmocom-bb makefile system

Vadim Yanitskiy axilirator at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 02:30:11 UTC 2017

Hi Craig,

> It seems the existing Makefile.mtk isn't compatible with the
> current makefile scheme so nothing would happen when it was called.

Your change is in Gerrit now: https://gerrit.osmocom.org/5217

> There are some compiler warnings that may need fixing or maybe the
> code needs more fundamental change after rotting a bit.

Sure, feel free to send new patches ;)

> Some good news, I played around with the device and the loader and
> found that things work "as they did" if I follow the instructions
> more carefully...

My congratulations! Could you please write a brief (or more detailed,
if you wish) description of the work you're doing, so I could create
a dedicated wiki page? Or is one already there?

With best regards,
Vadim Yanitskiy.
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