Set fixed TMSI and Kc

Вадим Яницкий axilirator at
Mon Feb 29 15:13:33 UTC 2016

Look at this strings from your log:

<0005> subscriber.c:601 Requesting SIM file 0x2fe2
<000f> sim.c:209 got new job: SIM_JOB_READ_BINARY (handle=00000004)
<000f> sim.c:697 go MF
<000f> sim.c:241 SELECT (file=0x3f00)
<000f> sim.c:187 sending APDU (class 0xa0, ins 0xa4)
<000f> sim.c:876 received APDU (len=0 sw1=0x00 sw2=0x00)
<000f> sim.c:952 command failed
<000f> sim.c:151 sending result to callback function (type=1)
<0005> subscriber.c:657 SIM reading failed

Maybe something wrong with your SIM? Try another one.
Are you at the master branch?

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