CalypsoBTS timeslots allocation

Вадим Яницкий axilirator at
Mon Sep 7 06:38:49 UTC 2015

Hello, list! I am trying to make working two and more TCH channels in
OpenBSC (NiTB mode) with calypso based phones. How to understand timeslots
allocation in this strings of transceiver app?
as->l1l[0].tx_mask = 0xe3; /* TS 5,6,7,0,1 */
as->l1l[0].rx_mask = 0x01; /* TS 0 */
Why 2, 3, 4 timeslots is not used?
And how to connect more than two phones to the transceiver? Should I add a
new TRX in OpenBSC config and/or modify source code of the transceiver app?

With best regards, fixeria.
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