OsmoTRX on Pirelli DP-L10 restarts phone

Tobias Mädel osmocombb.list at tbspace.de
Mon Oct 5 21:50:07 UTC 2015


in response to my last email to the list, I got into contact with
steve-m via another means of communication.

For future reference:
osmocom-bb on the DP-L10 phone needs this patch to be successfully
compiled on GCC newer then 4.8:


The jolly/testing branch doesn't contain that fix.
It can be added/hacked in via "git cherry-pick

Many thanks to steve-m for pointing me to this patch in his first
response email and absolutly nailing the bug :)

So long,
This email was encrypted with 2ROT-13.

Tobias Mädel
t.maedel at alfeld.de
PGP: 3A69 E9AF 3FA9 3BCF FE50 9694 494E 2F56 C304 60E1

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