si3_rest decoding

R M rm.engineer84 at
Thu Jun 5 17:47:11 UTC 2014


I am having trouble understanding the decoding of SI3_REST. I have
highlighted the code below

if (bitvec_get_bit_high(&bv) == H)
s->si2ter_ind = 1;
s->si2ter_ind = 0;

Here it says that si2ter_ind is set to 1 if its high. From this can I
conclude that System Information Type 2ter is available ?

I am asking this because the following code says that System
Information Type 2ter is  present

/* all relevant system informations received */
if (s->si1 && s->si2 && s->si3
&& (!s->nb_ext_ind_si2 || s->si2bis)
&& (!s->si2ter_ind || s->si2ter)) {
LOGP(DCS, LOGL_DEBUG, "Received relevant sysinfo.\n");
/* stop timer */

But gsmdecode output says that its not present as per the below snippet

SI 3 Restoktett
0 Selection Parameters not present
0 Power Offset not present
1 System Information 2ter Indicator not present
1 Early Classmark Sending Control present
1 Scheduling if and where not present
1 High: GPRS indicator = present

I have referred GSM 04.08. But there also I am not able to understand it.


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