Documenting Samsung Radio variables from the ServiceMode

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Wed Jun 4 20:30:23 UTC 2014

☎-2 wrote
> You might want to look into - maybe
> samsung devs
> reused for s4 some of the names from s3

Yes, I have ran that already on my I9100, but that is specific for XMM
(XGOLD) modems and not possible (AFAIK) for Qualcomm modems, unless they
both happen to use the same debug output, which I doubt.
Second, xgoldmon requires the device to be connected and externally via
phone USB port, since the debug is coming directly from modem chip (CP) to
USB port, and not via AP kernel. So unless someone knows more about how
Androids are using RIL and modem RF debug output, that is not an option. 

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