seL4 is open source now

mark.neuhaus at mark.neuhaus at
Wed Jul 30 23:25:45 UTC 2014


new to the mailing list. Two things:


Probably you know, but in case not:

The proven correct, highest security L4 microkernel (seL4)
is under GPL since yesterday! In addition useful tools like a
compatible hypervisor and dev tools are under BSD, too.

See for general stuff or get the src on

If I understand your research correctly, you likely have use for 
such an advanced kernel, to separate BB and APP system in
separate containers, running on the same CPU.


I'm a mathematician and involved in zero-bug-programming aka
verified programming used in ultra secure environments and I
think that this step of the NICTA research group is just awesome.

I'm not entirely sure but I believe that seL4 is already used as
the kernel of the "Merkel-phone" used now in Germany.

2.) I'm actually reading through your mailing list, but I have two questions
which you are eventually kind to answer:

a.) For what baseband chips has OsmocomBB actually working drivers (Layer1 as you
call it, I think) and on what chipsets are you working to get the Layer1 in the

It' pretty hard to get phones with the Calypso these days.

b.) Is there a list of actually supported phones? I know the wiki, but non of these
phones was available for me anymore.

So long. Best, 


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