error: MS '1' is down, radio is not started

neetesh saxena saxenaneetesh061 at
Fri Jan 10 12:30:30 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I m receiving the following errors:

(I am using the "Ja! Mobil" SIM card with Motorola C118)

root at neetesh-VirtualBox:/opt/osmocom-bb/src/host/osmocon# telnet localhost 4247
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the OsmocomBB control interface

OsmocomBB> en
OsmocomBB# conf t
OsmocomBB(config)# ms 1
OsmocomBB(ms)#no shutdown
OsmocomBB# write
Configuration saved to /home/neetesh/.osmocom/bb/mobile.cfg

OsmocomBB# show ms 1

MS '1' is down, radio is not started
  IMEI: 000000000000000
     IMEISV: 0000000000000000
     IMEI generation: fixed
  automatic network selection state: A0 null
  cell selection state: C0 null

  radio ressource layer state: idle
  mobility management layer state: MM idle, PLMN search

OsmocomBB# show subs 1
Mobile Subscriber of MS '1':
 No SIM present.

OsmocomBB# sim read 1

OsmocomBB# show subs

Mobile Subscriber of MS '1':
 Status: U2_NOT_UPDATED  IMSI detached  LAI: invalid
 Access barred cells: no
 Access classes:

Can anyone tell me whether the problem is related to SIM card or it is related to phone?
Do you have any clue how to fix it?
I tried to fix the patch of SIM, but then I am not able to compile source (errors occurred).

Please let me know your views.

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