Assembler error: osmocomBB

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Thu Jan 9 15:50:35 UTC 2014

Make sure you aren't running "sudo make" as you mentioned before.. your root environment is probably not picking up your PATH to arm-elf-*

You can also just check in your shell to see if arm-elf-* is there by starting to type arm-elf and then hit tab... if nothing shows up you probably didn't setup PATH correctly.

I reproduced your error using "sudo make" with a fresh checkout/install on Debian

/home/comstock/Personal/osmocom-bb/src/target/firmware/include/asm/swab.h: Assembler messages:
/home/comstock/Personal/osmocom-bb/src/target/firmware/include/asm/swab.h:32: Error: no such instruction: `eor %edx,%ebp,%ebp,ror'

Linux cwd364 3.2.35 #1 SMP Wed Mar 13 22:50:31 CDT 2013 x86_64 GNU/Linux


On Thursday, January 9, 2014 6:22 AM, Alexander Huemer <alexander.huemer at> wrote:

On Thu, Jan 09, 2014 at 11:31:14AM -0000, neetesh  saxena wrote:
> I installed a fresh Ubuntu and then installed everything related to 
> osmocomBB.
> I have added path
 of arm-elf-gcc using export 
> PATh=$PATH:<path>/install/bin
> and also added in bashrc file.
> Now when I am compiling it I am receiving the same errors:

As before, the cross compiler is not found.
Since you put the path to the binaries of the toolchain in your .bashrc, 
the following should work:

        $ arm-elf-gcc

Is that the case?

Kind regards,
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