[PATCH] Add generic LE/BE load/store uint type convertors and use them in msgb

Max.Suraev at fairwaves.ru
Fri Jan 31 14:10:48 UTC 2014

v3 attached, comments are inline.

31.01.2014 12:26, Holger Hans Peter Freyther пишет:

> tests is some how important. At least knowing that all routines got
> executed at least once.


> C89 didn't have this style of comments. Use /* */ but maybe
> consider using api comments above the function instead of
> directly after {?

I've converted my comments but I'd like to point out that libosmocore does not
actually follow this style - just do
git grep -n "//"|grep -v http
to verify.

> this is not lisp.

Yepp, that makes me sad too :)
Anyway, fixed.

best regards,
Max, http://fairwaves.ru

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