Which is the best branch for running mobile on DP-L10?

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Thu May 9 21:23:39 UTC 2013


> - Should I use the master branch in osmocom-bb git, or one of the
> other branches? The Branches page in the wiki is blank.

Currently, master.

If you have trouble establishing voice calls, you can try to
cherry-pick df6269173cbc72e02964159cb60d2db712eb0f07 over master.

> - Am I correct in my understanding that, at least in some branch (see
> above), osmocom-bb does support this phone well enough to actually
> make a call? (Yes, I realize that layers 2&3 run on an attached host,
> hence the phone has to be tethered to a laptop running osmocon and
> mobile the whole time, and I do know how to enable Tx in the target
> build. :)

voice & sms should work fine from the master branch.

Some small code changes might be needed for the DP-L10 though, not
sure, I never really use this phone myself so I can't say. The wiki
might have more info and if it doesn't, feel free to update it once
you figured it out.

> - How is the voice routing implemented? Do I need to use lcr
> integration on the host, or will the audio come out of the phone's own
> speaker even though all higher layers of the stack are running on the
> PC? If the voice call audio does go through the phone's own speaker
> and mic, which ones? This phone model has both an earpiece speaker and
> a loudspeaker, plus the usual analog headset jack. Which of these
> audio routing options are supported, if any?

By default the audio will be router to/from the phone default
That's because during normal phone function, the ARM and the higher
layer never even see audio ... the audio frames are received,
demodulated, decoded, decompressed and directly fed to the speaker all
inside the DSP. The upper layer just configures the audio mode.

We also added the option to route the audio frame to/from the PC in
the firmware by using some special DSP mode but if you want to get the
audio externally this is currently only possible with the LCR
integration. (or you have to modify the code ...)



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