scapy gsm-um with trx firmware?

Miguel Rios miguelrios35 at
Sun Jun 16 15:22:07 UTC 2013

Thanks for the reply Erich.

I'm not really sure about that. I'm going to experiment a bit if I can find the time this week.
I see the gsm-um python code mentions it is possible to send out the scapy packets using udp, tcp and unix domain sockets, so I imagine it should be fairly easy to integrate with openbts and osmocom, either using the trx firmware or the older "regular" layer1 firmware.

Anyone that has played around with this before have any tips?


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Subject: scapy gsm-um with trx firmware?


But isn't it possible also to use the weber-code with the standard osmocombb-package,prior to the trx firmware? Since scapy was mentioned in some of the first talks about osmocombb with the only caveat that there is not a nice integration with scapy yet?

Also if you need the testcall functionality  one possibly must use an earlier version of openbts.

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