thanks for osmocom, my goals, available to test c139 & c115

Craig Comstock craig_comstock at
Tue Jan 29 17:09:15 UTC 2013

I have bought two phones... Motorola C139 and Motorola C115. I'm using 
the raspberry PI UART instead of a dedicated cable and got the hello 
world example working just fine on the C115.
My goal is to have a usable open source phone which I see there is a bit of a start at in the source code.
I've been working on getting debian on my Motorola Defy for a while and am making some progress.
Since I have two phones... I am certainly willing to help in testing 
things. I can't promise a lot of time but I can hope to help a little.
Thanks for your efforts,
Craig Comstock
Lawrence, KS
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