Some beginner questions and comments

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Mon Jan 21 09:51:53 UTC 2013

> Sure we can - even if it's just a single .a file. Linker search path
> has nothing to do with an OS, libraries can be used without an OS,
> and no BSP is needed.

Yes ok, but it's really more of an hassle than an advantage, and then
if you want to use the same toolchain to build different arm projects
that need different libosmocore version, that's going to be fun ...

All in all, I really fail to see how this is going to _HELP_ ... it's
going to be a bunch of additional step that can be messed up and IMHO
with _NO_ upsides at all.

The host build was becoming a problem and that's why it was moved out.
The target build has not caused issue so I don't see why we would
change it and give it the opportunity to fail.



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