Some beginner questions and comments

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at
Sun Jan 20 11:14:43 UTC 2013


First I do not know if this is the proper mailing lists, as I am not a 
developer but a user. But I couldn't find a user list. So please advice 
if there is a better list.

I started playing with Osmocom and my "brand new" C118 :-) and meanwhile 
I made my first open source GSM phone call. Following is my list of 
questions and suggestions I experienced so far:

- Build System: since the "Use the system wide libosmocore for host 
applications" commit it is required that libosmocore is built 
separately. But the documentation is still confusing. Thus I think it 
would be good to:
   - remove the libosmocore subtree git from osmocom-bb git
   - remove this line of text from "When you download and 
build OsmocomBB, then libosmocore is automatically part of the package, 
no special action is required."

- osmocom: some wiki pages refer to an "osmocom" application. Is there 
an osmocom binary? (I think most times it is a typo for osmocon)

- I use Wireshark to capture the GSMTAP packets of "monitor". How do I 
find out in the Wireshark trace if a message is sent from the MS or is 
received by the MS?

- I want to study the high layer messages (e.g. not cell selection but 
call setup, registering to the network) but I am lost in the debug 
ones are needed in my case? Is there somewhere a description of the flags?

- Some tools (e.g. cell_log) give 'SAP' log messages, e.g:
   Failed to connect to '/tmp/osmocom_sap'.
   Failed during sap_open(), no SIM reader
I suspect this is for communcation with SIM cards. How it is supposed to 
- Is this 'SAP' stuff only needed/useful for softSIMs?
- Which application should create the /tmp/osmocom_sap socket? (osmocon 
only creates /tmp/osmocom_l2 and /tmp/osmocom_loader)
- Would it be possible to remove the SIM card from my C118 and put it in 
an external SIM reader, and then let "mobile" use the SIM card in the 
external reader instead?


PS: I'm willing to improve the documentation in the wiki with your 
answers ;-)

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