tranceiver support for osmo-bts

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Fri Jan 18 15:47:26 UTC 2013

I would suggest something like

Where basically you have:
 - The osmo-bts core and all common BTS logic / A-bis interface and such
 - It talks to the lower L1 layer via the primitives defined in the
spec for creation of channels and stuff. AFAIK it's "pretty" similar
to the current DSP interface but some specific stuff might need to be
made generic.

Then you have two possible L1 implementation speaking thos primitives
  - the sysmobts one which basically includes all the specific stuff
to convert the 'generic' primitves into the specific call to the DSP.

  - The TRX one which includes scheduler / channel coding internally
and would use the UDP protocol used by OpenBTS
    This impl can itself offer a generic interface internally so that
the OpenBTS UDP protocol is only one of the possible user of the
scheduler / channel coding ...



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