strange crashes in current main branch

Tim Ehlers osmocom at
Fri Jan 11 09:36:12 UTC 2013


I already mentioned a strange behavior, sometimes when running osmocom for 
a few days. I think this is a different issue, because it happens more 
frequently and the situation is a bit different. This problem does not 
occur with a binary from june 2012. So it has to be some change between 
june and now.

But now the problem: When running a phone with the main branch (only 
tested), it sometime come to the situation that the phone says "connection 
pending" and is not reacting anymore. osmocon only logs periodically this 

TOA AVG is not 16 qbits, correcting (got 15)

And mobile says:

<0003> gsm322.c:474 Sync to ARFCN=694(DCS) rxlev=-80 (No sysinfo yet, ccch mode NONE)
<000e> gsm48_mm.c:353 Periodic location update
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:355 timer T3212 (periodic loc. upd. delay) has fired
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4338 (ms 1) Received 'MM_EVENT_TIMEOUT_T3212' event in state MM IDLE, normal service
<000e> gsm48_mm.c:2222 Perform location update (MCC 262, MNC 07 LAC 0x27e9)
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:2356 LOCATION UPDATING REQUEST
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:2378  using LAI (mcc 262 mnc 07 lac 0x27e9)
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:2386  using TMSI 0xXXXXXXXX
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:917 new state MM IDLE, normal service -> wait for RR connection (location updating)
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:5575 (ms 1) Message 'RR_EST_REQ' received in state idle (sapi 0)
<000e> gsm48_rr.c:1352 Establish radio link due to mobility management request
<0003> gsm322.c:4049 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_LEAVE_IDLE' for Cell selection in state 'C3 camped normally'
<0003> gsm322.c:829 new state 'C3 camped normally' -> 'connected mode 1'
<0003> gsm322.c:3665 Going to camping (normal) ARFCN 664(DCS).
<0003> gsm322.c:452 Sync to ARFCN=664(DCS), but there is a sync already pending
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:355 new state idle -> connection pending
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:1504 CHANNEL REQUEST: 00 (Location Update no NECI)

Mobile says nothing when shutting the phone off or on:

OsmocomBB(ms)#no shutdown

Only logs:

<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4342 (ms 1) Received 'MM_EVENT_IMSI_DETACH' event in state wait for RR connection (location updating)
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1992 IMSI detach delayed.

Killing and restarting mobile leads to:

eeepc:~ # mobile -i
Copyright (C) 2008-2010 ...
Contributions by ...

License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

<000f> sim.c:1223 init SIM client
<0006> gsm48_cc.c:63 init Call Control
<0007> gsm480_ss.c:231 init SS
<0017> gsm411_sms.c:63 init SMS
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:5626 init Radio Ressource process
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1327 init Mobility Management process
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1040 Selecting PLMN SEARCH state, because no SIM.
<0002> gsm322.c:5037 init PLMN process
<0003> gsm322.c:5038 init Cell Selection process
<0003> gsm322.c:5095 Read stored BA list (mcc=262 mnc=01  Germany, T-Mobile)
<0003> gsm322.c:5095 Read stored BA list (mcc=262 mnc=07  Germany, O2)
Mobile '1' initialized, please start phone now!
VTY available on port 4247.

And layer1 still logs some:

TOA AVG is not 16 qbits, correcting (got 15)
TOA AVG is not 16 qbits, correcting (got 15)
TOA AVG is not 16 qbits, correcting (got 15)

Has anybody a clue how this could happen from time to time?



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