Unencrypted MT

Nico Golde osmocom at ngolde.de
Wed Jan 9 20:10:10 UTC 2013

* Dario Lombardo <dario.lombardo.ml at gmail.com> [2013-01-09 20:41]:
> As described in Nico Golde's talk at 29c3, mobile operators can deactivate
> encryption on MT SMSes.

I think this is a misunderstanding, please check the 

> To check if a MT is encrypted I've started 'mobile'
> with GSMTAP, and I've sent an sms to the mobile. Encryption seems to be
> requested by the network. Now the question is: how can I be sure that
> encryption is always activated? 

If the network is not encrypting, you don't get a CIPHER 
MODE COMMAND message. For MT you would have to generate 
events that cause this, like sending an SMS. For MO you can 
simply to a service request.


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