MDL-Error in case of OsmocomBB+OpenBTS

jolly andreas at
Tue Jan 8 12:47:28 UTC 2013

Pavel Baturko wrote:
> Hi,
> Attached new mobile log + trace from both OpenBTS and OsmocomBB (since
> I'm using 1 lo interface for them, packets from/to -
> OpenBTS, from/to - OsmocomBB). LURequests in packets 278,
> 380 and following.
hi pavel,

i can see that openbts did not manage to reply to SABM within the
required time (we use 1 second timeout). this causes a second SABM to be
transmitted by the mobile. the openbts replies with UA twice, because it
assumes that the first UA was not received by mobile. this delay between
mobile and openbts is not nice, but should not cause any link failure.

i just committed a fix to master branch of osmocombb. the "unsoliciated
UA response" is something that must not cause link failure. there are
other causes that may not cause link failures, so they are ignored too.

@holger: please revert your patch in your branch and use my fix.



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