No r-gsm cell shown in mobile app

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Sat Jan 5 09:34:03 UTC 2013

> I'm thinking about why the mobile app don't show me the German GSM-R (MCC:
> 262, MNC: 10) cells they are around me.
> The rssi app shows me the cells (e. g. ARFCN: 957 and 961).
> I'm using the sylvain/testing branch and I am searching for more details in
> the source code and found in settings.c that the r gsm band are enabled and
> in the freq_list.
> Can someone tell me another point for searching in source?

Are you sure the band is enabled in the configuration ?

if you do 'show run' in the vty you should see the 'support' section
that has 'r-gsm'



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