linking sdr trx with osmo-bts/openbsc

jolly andreas at
Thu Jan 3 13:10:10 UTC 2013

hi thomas,

i saw your work for your master of science. i must say: congratulations!
it really brings both openbts and openbsc projects together. it allows
to use both sdr and real bts together in one network. as shown at the
chaos communication congress (29c3), sylvain presented a compal phone
with firmware to turn it into a trx for openbts. with your code, it is
possible to use it with openbsc. this is something i aimed at too.

i like to know if your work is (only) a proof of concept or something
that could be used in a productive environment. i would help to review
the changes to osmo-bts and help to get them merged to the current
master branch. iirc, there are just some fixes and minor issues to solve.

i already had planed a similar approach: but instead of using source
from openbts, i wanted to do scheduling and coding/fec inside osmo-bts.
code from libosmocore could be used for that. instead of using the
device to the femto-dsp as an interface, i wanted to add the trx
manager's udp interface to osmo-bts code. this way it would not require
an additional process to run a trx with osmo-bts. special things
regarding to the trx could be configured with the osmo-bts' config.

as some guys at the 29c3 might have noticed, i was a little shocked when
i read about your work. i was highly motivated to do a work that i found
it was already done, so my motivation dropped to zero. i would like to
apologize for my bad mood at the congress.

best regards,


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