Potential bug / problematic code in gsm411_rx_rl_data()

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 09:35:35 UTC 2013

> In gsm411_sms.c the function gsm411_rx_rl_data receives "struct gsm48_hdr
> *gh" as input then in very first line typecasts the pointer to "struct
> gsm411_rp_hdr *rp_data" to access its "data" field.
>> struct gsm411_rp_hdr *rp_data = (struct gsm411_rp_hdr*)&gh->data;

That's not what it does .... you need to either re-read that line or
re-read a book on C programming.

What is type casted is the pointer to gsm48_hdr data field. And that's
because the data field of the gsm48_hdr contains a gsm411_rp_hdr in
this case.

> Request you to correct and update suitably.

Well, I request you check your claims before making them ...



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