OsmoDevCon 2013 brainstorming

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Wed Jan 2 03:23:35 UTC 2013

Harald -

Am 31.12.2012 um 09:37 schrieb Harald Welte <laforge at gnumonks.org>:

> Hi all,
> as the year 2012 has already ended or will soon end depending on your
> timezone, it might be a good occasion to start thinking of an OsmoDevCon
> 2013.
> I personally percevied OsmoDevCon 2012 as a big success, and it was fun
> to bring everyone together.

I agree. And while I am not a direct participant in Osmocom, I would like participate in this event again and contribute in some way that others find useful.

> Generally, I prefer to keep the spirit of an invitation-only
> developer+contributor-only event of those involved in Osmocom.  At the
> same time, I would consider it a good idea to add a one day
> user-conference to the schedule, where we try to get interested users up
> to speed with the various projects, possibly including some workshops
> and the like.

I would be interested in attending an user-oriented OsmocomBB event.

> So schedule-wise, I would suggest something like:
> * one day user conference
> * two day developer/contributor event
> * optionally: 1-2 "hacking days".
> The concept of "hacking days" has proven to be quite useful for the
> netfilter project in the past (Pablo and I can acknowledge to that
> fact).  I'm not sure how many people would be able to spend even more
> days of their schedule, but even if it's a much smaller group it would
> still be useful, IMHO.

To go to Berlin from San Francisco, I spend about 16 hours in transit each way. So once I am there, I might as well stay a few days. :) I would hope to find others interested in working on project that overlaps with OpenBTS, like Sylvain's recent handset-cum-femtocell project, or an SMSCB that both projects can use. 

> I'd like you to
> 1) provide feedback on the ideas about the one-day user event and the
>  hacking days

These sound like good additions.

> 2) consider whether late march (like 2012) would be a good schedule
>  against 

My own preference would be either early March, immediately after the GSM World Congress (so anyone attending both from outside Europe can combine travel) or as late in March as possible or even in April to give some turn-around time between trips.

> 3) what we can improve from the last event

This may sound odd coming from me, but unless this is explicitly intended to be a broad "FOSS cellular" event, broader than Osmocom, I would prefer to discuss OpenBTS only to the degree that the projects overlap or might interoperate.  I think more discussion of topics like SIM acquisition, SIM applications, SS7-MAP and core network integration would be great. I think the public-vs-commercial discussion of OpenBTS was weird and inappropriate for the audience. More discussion of analog radio topics, like antenna selection and propagation, including specific case studies, might be a good addition if there is interest.

> In terms of improvements, I so far have noted down:
> * larger venue needs to be found
> * complaints about the venue not having sufficient heating

C-Base has its charms, but I agree with these.

> Venue-wise, I would again suggest to hold it in Berlin, as it's
> reasonbly well connected, has lots of low-cost flights to it,
> accomodation is not too expensive and holger/me/sysmocom can take care
> of local organization related activities.  Hoewver, if somebody has a
> strong opinion against berlin _and_ is willing to organize it, I'm not
> completely against another venue.

I welcome any excuse to visit Berlin. I would personally prefer a venue in or near Mitte, and certainly near an U-Banhhof.

> Regards and happy new year,
>   Harald
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