[PATCH] Support of UCS2 for SMS/USSD

jolly andreas at eversberg.eu
Wed Feb 6 13:21:51 UTC 2013

> Yes, they will be visible, but I'm talking about SMSs without ASCII
> chars except spaces/numbers/dots/commas/etc. In that case all words
> (in national language for example) will not be visible at VTY and user
> will see many '?' symbols if change non-ascii chars to '?' and
> spaces/comms/etc, and I think such representation of original text
> will be not very good (if I correctly understand your first comment).
ok then, why not print your message about encoded type to VTY, but store
message in sms.txt. the gsm340_rx_sms_deliver() function could take two
arguments, one text for the vty and one to store.

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