Vedr: Content of burst data in burst_ind branch

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Tue Feb 5 16:01:11 UTC 2013

Hi list,
Are all the obtained bursts.dat files useless when they are captured by 
unmodified burst_ind?When I use the standard burst_ind I obtain a chain 
of burst-files.I also sometime see displayed the word SACCH/8 on the 
log-screen. If one tries to single out burst-files belonging to SACCH/8 
or TCH/F would these be useful as inputs to kraken after being converted to keystream?

 on this list I read that captured data must  be converted to the 
MAC-block,if one looks for frames, and that code could be found in 
airprobe .What ist the meaning of that? Aren't the MAC-block alreday 
displayed when using burst_ind?


 Fra: Bhaskar11 <niceguy108 at>
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Sendt: Tirsdag, 5. februar 2013 6.27
Emne: Content of burst data in burst_ind branch

Can you please clarify what kind of preprocessing has been done for bursts in  burst_ind data?

Does TCH/F data come through with block-diagonal de-interleaved? Or does come as 8 interleaved bursts?

I think all the intra-burst de-interleaving has already been done at DSP level. Is this correct?

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