UI work - qemu and key repeating

Craig Comstock craig_comstock at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 29 15:34:05 UTC 2013

> > I'm writing some UI/firmware [...]

> That sounds neat... are you doing it in some visible git repository perchance?

I'm just hacking on layer1/main.c right now. Not even sure I would put in a repo since I want to implement some form of t-9 character and word fanciness. Maybe I could make that a module or think of an open-source/free paradigm for entering text w/ the keypad.

http://www.google.com/patents?id=PmgCAAAAEBAJ (T9)

http://www.google.com/patents/US3967273 (funny bell labs method using two key presses always)

(the list goes on and on I think...)

My thinking is that I might start with this hacked layer1 and gradually try to bring bits of mobile into the firmware/ui.

Also just wanting to fiddle around with how the phone will "feel" with a console interface. aka UI prototyping.

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