Calypso/Iota/Rita chip recommendations

Michael Spacefalcon msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Wed Aug 14 21:40:45 UTC 2013

Sylvain Munaut <246tnt at> wrote:

> And why exactly should we help you when you publicly stated [1] that
> you'd rather shoot us then yourself
> [1]

A little clarification is in order:

* In my past negative interactions with certain individuals who have
  previously served as employees or contractors of Openmoko-Inc and
  who currently serve as lead developers of OsmocomBB, the crux of the
  dispute was those individuals' unwillingness to share with all
  Humanity (yes, *all Humanity*, *not* "me" - I could be dead tomorrow
  and nothing will change) those COFF object files with symbolic
  information which Om-Inc had received from TI, and/or their voluntary
  choice to live and/or accept voluntary citizenship in a country that
  deems such sharing to be illegal - obviously a voluntary choice which
  I have NOT made.

* There has been one major change in the year and a half since that
  post of mine quoted by Sylvain - I have discovered this:

[In case ScottN, whoever he is, takes the ware down from his website,
 it's already archived on my mini-Wikileaks at - but for as long as ScottN's copy is
 up, it should be much faster.]

The discovery of the above source (which is almost complete source
with very little in object-only form) makes it now unnecessary for me
to sacrifice my life in a gunfire exchange with German or Russian
police in order to free Openmoko's COFF objects - I'm pretty confident
in my ability to recreate something very similar, but full-source from
this recently discovered "peek" ware and other more recently discovered
leaks, also on my FTP site.

> than help us in any way ...

It is true that I have chosen to use a different Free Software GSM
stack (plus UI etc) implementation for my personal use, hence any
contributions from me to the software side of the OsmocomBB project
are indeed unlikely.

However, I am hoping that the project to build new free phone hardware
can be done as a joint project between the two camps.  The hardware
design files will be free for anyone to download and do with as s/he
pleases, and obviously each user is free to run whatever software s/he
likes: OsmocomBB, FreeCalypso, or some 3rd or 4th or other choice that
may exist in the future.


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