fmtool error

Ahmed Gawad ahm.gwd at
Sun Aug 4 23:45:53 UTC 2013

Ahmed Gawad <ahm.gwd <at>> writes:
> Hello, 
> I am trying to run osmocom on Motorola C117.
> Using the following :PC(Ubuntu12 64bit)<---->USB To Serial cable (5v)<----
>serial to (3.3V)<---->phone
> when i press power button all i can get is "fmtoolerror" . and there is no 
more messages only that .
> I am wounding if that means the phone is not working properly or it could be 
a cable issue ? 
> Thanks very much .

After some searches and tries i found that:
It is an issue in the Phone (this phone doesn't supports ramload , only fmtool 

so I think i need to use another phone .


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