PNLM list overwritten

Kevin Redon ml at
Mon Sep 10 14:23:49 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Kevin Redon's message of Mon Sep 10 12:14:14 +0200 2012:
> Hi,
> I will try SIMtrace on the o2 prepaid card to see what is happening and check if the phone rewrites it, or the SIM card does it itself (due to some sequence of instructions).

I looked at the traffic using SIMtrace and the O2 prepaid SIM card.
PLMNsel is already rewritten when the phone (Motorala C121) reads it for the first time.
The phone does not write anything up to that point.
I think the rewrite to default is triggered when a particular file is read, but this is just a guess as I did not test it myself.
It could also be due to a sequence a commands, or something else.
At least we know something curious is happening with PLMNsel.

hope it helps,

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