PNLM list overwritten

Dario Lombardo at
Fri Sep 7 15:15:00 UTC 2012

Hil list
Today I've observed a strange behaviour when modifying the PNLM of
some real networks expired sims (to be used with osmocom and openbts).
I've put 001 01 on the top of the list. I've ejected and reinsterted
the sim in the reader many times, and I'm sure that the value has been
When trying to connect to my test operator I get the message "your sim
card doesn't allow the connection to this network operator" from my
android phone.
Reading again the pnlm I see that the original list has been restored.
This astonishes me... Is is possible that the SIM overwrites the list
by itselt? Or is it the phone that does it? The android has an
original, not branded, operating system.
Thanks everybody for your help.

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