[PATCH] Print decimal MCC and MNC unless format is incorrect.

jolly andreas at eversberg.eu
Tue Oct 30 09:34:54 UTC 2012

☎ wrote:
> Hello.
> Right now MCC and MNC value in ./mobile app are printed as hex but without 0x - this
> is confusing and inconsistent.
> Attached patch fix that although I'm still puzzled why value printed by "show
> subscriber 1" looks like hex representation - see example below (with patch applied).
> Note that 0x385 == 901 and 0x046 == 70
> I suspect misuse of gsm48_decode_lai()\gsm48_encode_lai() but unable to pinpoint
> location yet.
hi max,

you are right, the problem is not the print function, it is the decoding
function. it has changed this summer at libosmocore. (commit a9250b9e) i
just commited a fix for that to master branch. we must use hexadecimal
decoding, because a network code of 70 is not equal a network code of 070.

best regards,


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