proof of concept bts

Sylvain Munaut 246tnt at
Mon Oct 22 09:46:17 UTC 2012


> Regarding the interesting video from Russia(Positive hacking days 2012)
> where Sylvain demonstrates av proof of concept bts, is it a dsp patch
> of the osmocombb firmware before one uploads to the c123 phones that one has
> to  do? The tasks then are modified in this patch or also elsewhere?
> And then one removes and replaces a tranceiver-code in openbts sourcecode?

The demo consists of :
 - A new DSP patch
 - A new ARM firmware for the phone
 - A complete replacement tranceiver app for OpenBTS

You won't find any of theses anywhere yet, so you can stop looking for
now. But hopefully you should get some news at 29c3 :p

> [I have tried the tacooper version of osmo-bts but that that code-approach
> is for the sysmo-bts, althoug the osmocombb phone proof of concept bts is
> mentioned in the tacooper thesis online]

The osmo-bts code is now geared towards sysmobts hardware, hopefully
it should be used in the final version but for now it was easier to
reuse openbts as-is.



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