failed to read sim card

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Sat Oct 20 18:58:54 UTC 2012


i'm trying to use osmocom-bb to send sms and make phone call with real sim of provider. 
i succeeded once in recognizing my pay-and-go sim card. 
but now i'm not lucky anymore 

here is wat is on screen: 

<000f> sim.c:1223 init SIM client 
<0006> gsm48_cc.c:63 init Call Control 
<0007> gsm480_ss.c:231 init SS 
<0017> gsm411_sms.c:63 init SMS 
<0001> gsm48_rr.c:5479 init Radio Ressource process 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1315 init Mobility Management process 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1037 Selecting PLMN SEARCH state, because no SIM. 
<0002> gsm322.c:5025 init PLMN process 
<0003> gsm322.c:5026 init Cell Selection process 
<0003> gsm322.c:5083 Read stored BA list (mcc=0ce mnc=001 0ce, 001) 
<0003> gsm322.c:5083 Read stored BA list (mcc=0ce mnc=014 0ce, 014) 
<0003> gsm322.c:5083 Read stored BA list (mcc=0ce mnc=0x00a 0ce, 0x00a) 
Mobile '1' initialized, please start phone now! 
VTY available on port 4247. 
<0005> subscriber.c:601 Requesting SIM file 0x2fe2 
<000f> sim.c:209 got new job: SIM_JOB_READ_BINARY (handle=00000004) 
<000f> sim.c:697 go MF 
<000f> sim.c:241 SELECT (file=0x3f00) 
<000f> sim.c:187 sending APDU (class 0xa0, ins 0xa4) 
<000f> sim.c:876 received APDU (len=0 sw1=0x00 sw2=0x00) 
<000f> sim.c:952 command failed 
<000f> sim.c:151 sending result to callback function (type=1) 
<0005> subscriber.c:657 SIM reading failed 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4379 (ms 1) Received 'MMR_NREG_REQ' event 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:4311 (ms 1) Received 'MM_EVENT_IMSI_DETACH' event in state MM IDLE, PLMN search 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1839 IMSI has been detached. 
<0005> gsm48_mm.c:1088 Not camping, wait for CS process to camp, it sends us CELL_SELECTED then. 
<0002> gsm322.c:3917 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_SIM_REMOVE' for manual PLMN selection in state 'M0 null' 
<000e> gsm322.c:1614 SIM is removed 
<0002> gsm322.c:1615 Switch on without SIM. 
<0002> gsm322.c:814 new state 'M0 null' -> 'M5 no SIM inserted' 
<0003> gsm322.c:4037 (ms 1) Event 'EVENT_SIM_REMOVE' for Cell selection in state 'C0 null' 
<0003> gsm322.c:823 new state 'C0 null' -> 'C6 any cell selection' 

can anyone help? 

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