Help please!~ tracelog?of?different providers needed

Peter Stuge peter at
Sun Oct 21 15:51:55 UTC 2012

xuewenyao, please make sure to always reply to the mailing list.

> > i'm a student in bremen. i just thought it will help me to gain
> > some extra points.

What will help you make a better thesis is to experiment yourself.

As Holger mentions a lot of work has already been invested in the
OsmocomBB project by many different people, and like with all open
source software you are allowed to use all that work according to
the conditions in the software license.

> > but i guess it's not a good idea to do so.

It's not a good idea to ask someone else to provide data for your
thesis. It is an excellent idea to use OsmocomBB yourself to collect
some data for your thesis.

In the process of doing so, you will of course start by studying all
existing documentation and reading archived correspondence on this
mailing list, to immerse yourself in the project and learn how to use

You'll have to do it yourself. Otherwise it isn't really your thesis.

Already while you are still learning about OsmocomBB you are
immediately able to contribute things to the community that
provides the tools that you are using. You can help teach others
through documentation and traning, without doing any programming.

The way it works is that you analyze the existing tools and the
existing material, learn the tools that you need to use (e.g. wiki
syntax, or git for version controlled documentation) and then you
submit improvements to any part of the project.

You may be able to receive feedback on your improvements from more
experienced project participants, and you should iterate until your
work is ready to be included in the project.

The more you contribute to the project, the more you will find that
others want to help you with your personal efforts.

Welcome to open source!


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