modulo and frame number in mframe_sched.c

Max.Suraev at
Fri Oct 19 08:29:24 UTC 2012

19.10.2012 09:57, Sylvain Munaut пишет:
> He's talking about this structure :
> struct mframe_sched_item {
>         const struct tdma_sched_item *sched_set;
>         uint16_t modulo;
>         uint16_t frame_nr;
>         uint16_t flags;
> };

Yes, exactly. Pardon for being unclear.

> However I don't see the gain of space as really that much of an
> advantage vs the potential time lost looking for bugs when playing
> with non-standard multiframes.
I agree. Btw, is this non-standard multiframes experimentation available in some
public repo? Would love to have a look at the code.

> The fact that we are currently almost full memory is just because we
> still use the compal loader. We should just deprecate that and
> oompletely and only compile the chain loader and loader with that
> constrained memory layout.
Indeed - I've got error about rssi.compalram.elf file which is too big to be used
without chainloading anyway.

Maybe we can make this configurable via something like
./configure --enable-compalram-rssi
./configure --enable-chainload-rssi

best regards,

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