2G / 3G / LTE differences and similarities at layer 1 ...

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04.10.2012 20:55 пользователь "John Case" <case at sdf.org> написал:
> On Fri, 5 Oct 2012, Mh wrote:
>> i am not aware of a single doc covering this and perhaps suggesting you
to go read all the specs is not even funny . i've read a WCDMA book long
time ago and it helped me doing many different stuff over the years having
the correct big picture in details at background . sounds very general ,
but take a look . certainly helps .
> How similar (roughly) are 2G GSM, 3G GSM, and LTE at the layer 1 level ?

In short, all three are completely different. It's TDMA/GMSK vs WCDMA vs
OFDMA. For the details it's better to find tutorials on every of the three
and go through them.

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