Testing (or even type approval).

Andrew Back andrew at carrierdetect.com
Thu Oct 4 20:38:42 UTC 2012


I've picked up what appears to be most of a Rohde & Schwarz TS8916B
GSM Type Approval system (CRTC02 equipment, a Sofimation SOFI05 radio
channel/fading simulator and various RF switching) and wondered if it
may be of use in testing the baseband. Or can everything we would want
to test be done using simple MS test equipment and/or a BTS with

I did also wonder whether it would be possible to use this to try and
achieve type approval, but realise that even if the rest of the
hardware could be gathered together it would be a huge learning curve
and even then maybe you have to be accredited/authorised for TA (or
other challenges would prevent this). In any case, I thought it worth
asking the question before it is split up.



PS. Some photos are at:


The digital units are PCs running DOS and tests are written in C and
compiled to run on DSP boards (2x TX + 2x RX per CRTC02 digital unit)
which drive the attached analogue units. GPIB is used for control
between these and to also control the SOFI, RF switches and other
equipment that is missing (a signal generator and a second SOFI at

Andrew Back

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