How much protection does an add-on GSM modem give me vs. built into phone ?

Peter Stuge peter at
Wed Oct 3 22:32:48 UTC 2012

John Case wrote:
> the real trick I am interested is isolating (or at least 
> controlling) the interaction between the baseband processor and the 
> application processor.  Using a computer with a USB dongle gives me that 
> control ... would I have that same level of control if we had free software 
> running on the baseband processor, or is there still additional bleeding 
> possible simpy by virtue of being built into the computer ?

In a smartphone it's almost not possible to distinguish the
"computer" from the "GSM modem" anymore, because of how the
hardware is constructed, so yes.

> what is the industry term for "making changes to application processor
> side of customers handset?"

Maybe you're looking for FOTA - Firmware Over The Air?


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