Oct 3, 8pm / Osmocom Berlin User Group meeting?

Nico Golde osmocom at ngolde.de
Tue Oct 2 22:06:01 UTC 2012

Hi all!
I *think* Harald is pretty busy and also unlikely to attend
prospective meeting tomorrow.
Also there is bank holiday tomorrow in Germany and at least 
I personally will use that to stay away from technology for 
a bit, so I won't come.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd write this email to remind 
people that in theory there is a meeting tomorrow and 
discuss if other people attend.
I personally would propose to shift the meeting to next week 
(for purely selfish reasons ;).

As far as I know, there is no formal presentation tomorrow.
Anyway, will anyone attend tomorrow or is everyone in favor 
of shifting a week?

In case it takes place, for the people who did not attend so 
far, the usual snippet from Harald's mails:
	Oct 3, 8pm @ CCC Berlin, Marienstr. 11, 10113 Berlin

If you are interested to show up, feel free to do so.  There is no
registration required.  The meeting is free as in "free beer", despite
no actual free beer being around.


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