Why not a nexus chipset ?

Mh mhtajik at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 14:51:01 UTC 2012

 you have a point here , but Students are using stuff ranging from Sagem trace phone and its software and API goodness down to Matlab working simulations for more than two decades . there is a misconception that i observe in recent years when attention to telecom networks bolded in blackhat style communities and later in open source "software" society : it is one thing to learn , say , GSM by coding hacking reversing setting up openbts reflashing motorola or nokia whatever old phones -- and there is another thing referred to as Building total Open Cellphones total Open BSCs etc for real use and wide spread Cells . and 1st is valuable , and it is not new , its just getting more attention as the business is growing . the 2nd is just delusion .  

regarding to another point in this thread : i'd love to see leaks . its just good to have other's property all over the place ( i personally don't like it if its done to me but quite frankly i'd enjoy take a look at any interesting leaks , whether GSM or other things that is getting more common nowadays on web , and i am not ashamed of calling my own dual standard , bullshit - because it is and humans were/are always full of it , hats off to Louie CK by the way ) -- therefore i see it as a good idea to make a wave and encourage some retard engineer with access to internal network of one of these 2-3 vendors to leak shit . remember Microsoft's source partial leak ? i've still got it and although it never had any use for me , very suddenly when i am going through archives some nights i take a look at some random .cpp , there are always a comment or even dialogue between coders inside a function that worth a long good laugh . then what ? having access to someone's IPs , specially with nowadays lawyers , Licensing or Patents disputes , government who sells kilohertz of air for billions.. is not realistically do any good . add to this and the previous mails , the fact that life is too short and many things happen to a Person or small teams , like the one who developed one of the best Linux Files systems then killed his ex wife in some Stupid move and now doing time . to have something "Steady" for wide area use for long time it needs infrastructure , funds , motivated people , buying and selling stocks.. . for cellphone style communications , such establishments already exist . the ones to my understanding many "Hackers" want to bypass , while paying tax to their government , that pays membership fees to remain a member of , say , ITU and play other roles in restrictions ( no matter how we judge this ) . this was my "dead end" answer to John based on . it is not just about "Calypso" .  

On پنجشنبه, مهر ۱۳, ۱۳۹۱ at ۱۶:۳۸, Peter Stuge wrote:

> John Case wrote:
> > I was saying that pursuing calypso was a dead end.
> I disagree.
> There are still quite a few people in the world who can learn about
> low-level details of 2G cell phone networks, and that is valuable.
> I think your approach to stay with a non-cell phone device is
> admirable, but in practise it's not nearly as convenient and so
> it doesn't scale. It might be good enough for some, but in any
> case it can't really be called a cell phone.
> //Peter

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