DOS in Cellular network

Max.Suraev at Max.Suraev at
Fri Mar 30 05:18:14 UTC 2012

30.03.2012 11:21, Kurtis Heimerl написал:
> Why not just jam the uplink? There's no particular reason to actually
> send any RACHs or the like.

It's simply orders of magnitude more effective: the amount of energy required to jam
entire cell is way bigger than the amount required for RACH transmission. This also
makes it much harder to locate the attacker. To put it other way - it's just
"greener" kind of DoS :)

Getting back to original question - one solution would be to use several phones to
run few osmocom stacks in parallel, each targeting its own ARFCN. Those phones are
dirt cheap anyway :)

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