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My reply below:

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 8:37 AM, Katrin Verclas <katrin at>wrote:

> It was my understanding from your suggestion that there would be
> presentations and discussions after those presentations at the meetings,
> making this not just having a beer with friends but more formal affairs.
> That would be useful for people elsewhere to see, given that this is a
> global community.  Not sure what German law has to do with putting online
> or streaming such presentations.  Cameras off when it comes to the informal
> part and beer time..
I agree with Katrin!

> Love this list otherwise. And will come to Berlin this summer so may
> attend one or two, regardless :)

Me Too!  :-)

> Cheers from New York.

Cheers from Chicago!

> K


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> Hi Katrin,
> On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 07:17:17PM +0000, Katrin Verclas wrote:
> > Could not disagree more. We live-stream local events all the time with
> > a very unobtrusive webcam/ustream and it bothers no one who is there
> > but benefits all who are not.
> And I couldn't disagree more with you.  The mere existance of the two
> words 'camera' and 'unobtrusive' in one sentence are a contradiction in
> terms.
> If I want to meet with a small group of people and informally discuss
> technical topic, than that is _very_ different from being live streamed
> to an unknonwn number of people, any of which could make recordings and
> I would have to very carefully think about each and every word that I'm
> saying.   That's not a particularly relaxed environment and would kill
> all the fun there is in having the meeting in the first place.
> Legally, In Germany this corresponds to "not publicly spoken word"
> (nicht oeffentlich gesprochenes Wort).  It is punishable under law to
> record or broadcast that.  (Clause 201 of German criminal code).
> Regards,
>        Harald
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