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No. This not a open hardware / open source project. It is for car
localization, in case of jammer use, that blinds the GPRS modem.

We tried to sniff that frequency, but was impossible, due the saw filters in
the GPRS modems (that only allow the to receive the uplink channel), and

for economic reasons. We to make a 20 units like this and we have a reduced

Do you think that is possible ? 

How much you think will cost a solution like that  ?


Carlos Cecanecchia Neto

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Hi Carlos,

On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 08:06:05PM -0300, Carlos Cecanecchia Neto wrote:
> We are working in a project  that uses a GSM modem to send a GMSK
> beacom in 904 MHZ with 2W. 

Is this an free software / open source / open hardware project? 

> Visiting you site, we found a GSM RSSI software working in a phone.  
> Can we use it in 904 Mhz ? This is the uplink GSM ARFCN channel 70. 
> It is possible ?

Yes, in general this is possible.

You will have to remove the receive filter of the phone, as it is
described in
and replace it with soem baluns.

Please also note that the measurements at the moment are completely
uncalibrated.  If you need precision, I would suggest to calibrate each
phone individually.

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