[nuttx-bb] how to integrate nuttx-bb into upstream nuttx.

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Mar 1 21:50:19 UTC 2012

Harald Welte wrote:
> > I just looked at the header, that was quicker.
> yes, but also much less precise.  doing a git log on a file and grep'ing
> for the author like:
> git log --follow layer1/prim_fbsb.c | grep \^Auth  | sort | uniq
> is not that hard.  Of course it only works in a repository that has
> the complete history.

The data set can be reduced by looking only at the latest state of
the code:

git blame file.c | \
  sed 's,[^ ]\+ (\([^)]*\) [0-9]\{4\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{2\} .*,\1,' | sort -u

..since this is what would be contributed to upstream anyway.


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