Asterisk GSM channel driver?

Tim Ehlers osmocom at
Sun Jan 22 12:12:57 UTC 2012


I have seen, that there are channel driver for the DECT project, where you 
can connect your DECT handset to the Asterisk PBX. There is also somehow a 
possibility to connect a mobile GSM phone via openBSC and asterisk.

But has somebody thought about just connecting the osmocombb mobile phone 
(which is connected to a public mobile network [or openBSC]) to asterisk?

I would think of making a call through a channel driver, osmocombb is 
doing a call like "call ms number", but instead of using mike and speaker 
asterisk would send the already in GSM-codec modulated voice data through 
the serial port (maybe it would needed to use the non-standard USB-TTL 
version to handle full duplex GSM speech). And layer1 of osmocombb could 
send that nearly untouched on the air. For incoming calls this could be 
similar + signalling the call through the channel driver.

Has somebody already thought of that? Would that be a achieveable task or 
is it technically impossible?



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