Creating a real usable phone using OsmocomBB

Benjamin Hagemann benny at
Thu Jan 12 06:34:38 UTC 2012

Hello Alan,

* Alan Carvalho de Assis <acassis at> [2012-01-11 22:00]:
> No, it is not.
> Tizen is just a Linux running in the Application Processor (AP), just
> like Android.
> OsmocomBB is a GSM stack which should run in the Baseband Processor (BP).

yes, right I know.
OsmocomBB is today ready to initiate/receive a phone call and
send/receive SMS. That the low level function in baseband.

So I think the question was to combinate this baseband function with
free software in the AP, which handle the "userland", GUI, contactlist
and so on. I though is there a OsmocomBB compatible "userland" /AP-OS
or should this software be developed completly new?



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