set sm-rp-oa in gsm411_sms.c

ondra2000 at ondra2000 at
Wed Feb 22 12:11:06 UTC 2012

I need to set originating address in MO SMS (SM submit, SM-RP-OA field)... I found this field in src/host/layer23/src/mobile/gsm411_sms.c -->

 /* no orig Address */
data = (uint8_t *)msgb_put(msg, 1);
data[0] = 0x00; /* originator length == 0 */

Field has 0 length. Can anybody pleas help me how to set this field to some MSISDN...I know that there must be some fields for TON,NPI, number ... but I don't know how to write these fields into source code...
With this change i want to find out how MSC behave when is field SM-RP-OA set to some real MSISDN.

Thank you!


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