Reliablility problem in current git?

Tim Ehlers osmocom at
Sun Feb 19 23:02:18 UTC 2012

On Sun, 19 Feb 2012, Peter Stuge wrote:

>>> The "old" one is from 23.01. and it seems that layer1 is somehow new since
>>> then. It now shows different string in the phone display and you can't stop
>>> it with just shortly pressing power, but pressing for some seconds.
>> Do you have commit id ?
> Run e.g. git show and it's the first line.

ahh, you mean the commit id from working tree? It should be 
2c02043f490704805c17f787394403de93d0b9c6. But, as I wrote, I don't know 
since when (after this commit) the problem exists.



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