changing key as security feature in osmocom?

Tim Ehlers osmocom at
Sun Feb 12 19:28:18 UTC 2012

On Sat, 11 Feb 2012, Sylvain Munaut wrote:

Hi Sylvain,

> I guess you'd need:
> - Add a vty option for it
> - Add a 'subscr_get_key_seq' helper that either returns the real one
> or force 7 if the privacy option is set
> - Replace direct subscr->key_seq access by this helper in each of the
> 3 possible initial messages :
>    gsm48_mm_tx_loc_upd_req, gsm48_mm_tx_cm_serv_req, gsm48_rr_dl_est
> (in the paging response creation)

wow, thank you so much for directing me.

I made the attached patch. For USSD it is really working. I didn't test 
more. So if you would be so kind, could you check if every event is 
covered now (especially things like silent SMS; I don't know how to test 

And if so, would you commit the patch in the git?

Cheers and thanks

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